For The People

Since this is my blog, I can write whatever I want on here. It's my right to be selfish on this website. I really feel like this upcoming album, For The People, is a great compilation of songs and music. I really feel like the youth of the Church, the entertainment industry, the music business, and especially the rap world need this album. It is a very direct experience to listen through this project. It has been a pleasure to make it, and my music has expanded immensely since Scrapbook. Scrapbook had a definite purpose (which it accomplished) and For The People also has a very specific but different purpose. I have enjoyed recording this album, from start to finish, in my home studio (thanks, Katie, for the accommodation!), and I have loved having absolute and total control over the final say, and ultimately, the final product. Many songs have been recorded these past couple years. Several of them will be on this album. I have about 3 weeks left to record and get stuff mixed, then it's off to mastering. Because of the shift of what people are looking for in entertainment, I have occasional doubts if this album will reach the success I originally sought, but I have never retracted in my efforts to bring the world what I originally designed at the beginning of the project. I hope and pray (actually pray a lot, hope less) that this album will do what I want it to, what I need it to, and what I know it can do. For The People is just that...for you. Scrapbook was selfish. I know that. I knew that while I was making it. This album is really stripped of my lyrical displays and promoting more concepts that others would enjoy. Thus the album title. Any act of spreading the word about my 2 albums is greatly appreciated. My wife and kids need to eat. Thanks a ton for the love so far. You all are great! Until next time.