Turkey Burgers for Vegetarians

Hello, friends. I have completed the new album, Turkey Burgers for Vegetarians, and it is now available for pre-sale. The album has an official iTunes release date of May 17th, but I have a few copies that I am selling before it officially releases. Feel free to grab copies on my blog ($10) or from me in person ($5). Tell your friends and family too. I love and thank you all for the support! More to come very soon.


After 4 months of being annoying, distribution finally pushed my latest album through to itunes. Please buy songs and tell your friends to support good music. The link is: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for-the-people/id345515821


Thanks for checking out my blog. I have worked very hard on my music. I make music for people to relate to and appreciate. I want people to develop an emotional attachment to my music rather than "buy my CD". Because of this, I am giving out a free album to anyone who buys one.

On the right side of the screen you will see a picture of both of my album covers. Below each picture is a "buy now" or "paypal" option. Buy purchasing one of the albums, I will send you BOTH albums for the price of one.

If you prefer downloading the music digitally rather than getting a physical CD, you can get Scrapbook at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mauricehiphop and For the People at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mauricesounds. Thank you for the support. I am nothing without fans. Please spread the word.

It's gone

I shaved, but it has no connection to the below post. Sometimes life makes a man's decisions for him.

Sign me, Drop me, Shave me!

For those who know me, you notice I have recently acquired facial hair. I realize just as much as you do how ugly this looks on my face. I am not doing this as a fashion statement. I will take you back to December of 2009 to tell you how this decision was made to grow out a beard.

I have been submitting musical material to Deseret Book since 1998. In the past few years I have finally gotten the attention of some people in the company, and I have had extremely cordial meetings with some of these people. It wasn’t until December of 2009 that my latest album, For the People, got the attention of some of the executives, and a decision was made to bring me out to Utah for an official meeting to discuss officially working together. In January of 2010 I was brought to the executive offices of Deseret Book and discussed in depth with top executives about making a rap album that is morally marketable to the church, but also acceptable to the integrity of my genre. This was a new discussion for all of us. I have never worked with such a reputable and promising company, and they have never done anything outside of the Tabernacle Choir or Hillary Weeks. It was mentioned that that meeting was the first time the term “Urban Gangster” was uttered within the company walls. The meeting was very productive and we all left the meeting feeling very optimistic that we could cross this bridge smoothly. We concluded with the decision to begin recording material, and then submitting rough copies of songs to the people I met with for review, comments, and direction.

I immediately returned to Arizona and began writing and recording material. I cranked out a handful of songs and received promising feedback. They enjoyed the music and the content that I was sending. After a period time I began asking what else they needed. I compared my predicament to a cute girl (myself) throwing myself at the guy (Deseret) she’s been dating for a while now, but he still won’t make a move on her. I was simply told to keep doing what I’m doing.

This is when I decided to begin marking my time recording for Deseret by way of beard length. As stated in the title, I will shave my beard when Deseret tells me one of two things. One: releasing a rap album will not work, and there will be no professional relationship between us, or two: we sign a recording contract. The day one of those two things happen, the beard is gone. Thus indicated in the title, sign me, drop me, and then shave me. So, this really is not a rally, or a campaign. (Although if you would like to know who to contact to help my music get in Deseret stores quicker, email me or message me and I will gladly pass them on to you!) It is just a simple explanation why I have not shaved, and why I will not shave until I reach my personal goal. Every glimpse in the mirror reminds me and motivates me to write new material and record more songs.

As always, thank you so much for your support and love. Thanks for involving my music in your life and getting my music in your home.

You Suck video

I am shooting a video for my song, You Suck. We started a few weeks ago, and it's coming out really nicely. The concept is cool. I will keep you updated on the status of that.

Thank Yous for For the People

KT: For reasons beyond my ability to explain. For allowing me to jump off mountains and open my wings. For supporting the continuous discomforts and inconveniences that accompany creativity and all of its atmospheres. For not complaining (too much) when all 4 of us were using 1 bathroom for 18 months while I was recording this album. For trusting in the Lord while we went through times of financial drought. Rather than saying "Get a job" you were saying "Get a show booked" or "Sell CDs". For trusting in me and my one-focused mind often times. For believing in my Patriarchal Blessing and relying on faith and supporting me and trusting in me as a competent companion. I know you heard a lot from people, but you blocked out that poison and exercised faith in my music and creativity. For helping me balance my roles as musician, poet, father, husband, provider, and church server. Instead of complaining about all the late nights and people coming to the house, you would make sandwiches and burritos for us and keep the kids downstairs. You are the perfect wife for me. Thank you for playing that role so perfectly.

Thank you to all who suggested that I change my major. Thanks to those who told me there is no future in music and that rap is such a bad influence on people. Thank you to family who told me there was no money in the music business and that I needed to change professions (even recommending professions other loved ones had chosen), as if deciding on a brand of milk at the store. Thank you to family who did not buy my music (even after responding to emails promoting shows or album releases by writing, “Good luck to you”). I thank everyone who asked to hear my music after hearing that I rap, not because they were intrigued by my unique profession, but because they knew there was no way I could be talented. They wanted to hear my music for a good laugh. I am not sorry I disappointed you in your efforts.

Thank you a million times over for the producers, musicians, and guest artists who contributed your talents to make this project happen. Thank you for helping to make this album exactly what I wanted it to become. Fatcat: It was totally worth the wait, bro! It only took 2 years of phone calls, texts, emails, and voice mails, but we finally made it happen. Melissa: You have such a beautiful voice. You have such a bright future ahead of you. I pray that your dreams and desires will come to fruition soon. Jessica: My friend still won't leave me alone about working with you. Thank you for polishing off that song. I keep listening to those old songs you passed to me. Let's sit down and make your music happen. Your voice and talent is too perfect to not do anything with it. Jarred: My man. Thanks for the preamp, turkey burgers, guitar riffs, website help, babysitting, pool parties...uh...what else? Anything you need, I got you. Arhythmatik: It came out really nice, my man. It blended exactly with the concept. Thanks for contributing. Qwiet: So smooth. Something about your delivery just fit perfectly with the track and feel. Thank you. Wayne: Please keep leaving me messages! I love you, bro! Traci: Thank you for hauling that keyboard around. Sorry the tracks didn't make this project. They'll most definitely be used in the future though. You are very talented. When are you going to sing for me?! Wize: Man, I swear that beat was the Bermuda Triangle project or something. It seamed like everything that could have gone wrong did. I know I didn't do the beat justice with the tracks I had. Let's get down and make music together. I'm still right here. You are an amazing producer with an ear for greatness. I'm honored to have one of your beats on this project.

For The People - design

So I have been in contact with the design department at the label and this album is coming out very nice. The cover options that I was given were perfect. I was difficult to make a selection. The further along this project gets the more happy I am about it. I will post the image of the album cover on my myspace page soon. Check back for more updates. Thanks for the continued support.


Feel free to follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mauricedew. Also, my myspace page is getting prepared for the release of For The People. Keep in contact to know the latest on free give-aways and events. Thanks for the love and support.

Mixing = Great Music

I'm getting some of the last batch of tracks back from Jeremy (my mixing engineer). This guy is so talented. The stuff is sounding so great. It is definitely money well spent. Should have everything back by the weekend. Then it's off to mastering!

For The People - All wrapped up

Over this weekend the recording for For The People was wrapped. This should put the release at mid to late summer. I'm really pumped & excited. The album is solid & the quality of the material is exceptional. A handful of really talented people are on the album to help contribute to its success. Be on the lookout for this thing. Tell all your friends. Let's sell millions of copies!

For The People

Since this is my blog, I can write whatever I want on here. It's my right to be selfish on this website. I really feel like this upcoming album, For The People, is a great compilation of songs and music. I really feel like the youth of the Church, the entertainment industry, the music business, and especially the rap world need this album. It is a very direct experience to listen through this project. It has been a pleasure to make it, and my music has expanded immensely since Scrapbook. Scrapbook had a definite purpose (which it accomplished) and For The People also has a very specific but different purpose. I have enjoyed recording this album, from start to finish, in my home studio (thanks, Katie, for the accommodation!), and I have loved having absolute and total control over the final say, and ultimately, the final product. Many songs have been recorded these past couple years. Several of them will be on this album. I have about 3 weeks left to record and get stuff mixed, then it's off to mastering. Because of the shift of what people are looking for in entertainment, I have occasional doubts if this album will reach the success I originally sought, but I have never retracted in my efforts to bring the world what I originally designed at the beginning of the project. I hope and pray (actually pray a lot, hope less) that this album will do what I want it to, what I need it to, and what I know it can do. For The People is just that...for you. Scrapbook was selfish. I know that. I knew that while I was making it. This album is really stripped of my lyrical displays and promoting more concepts that others would enjoy. Thus the album title. Any act of spreading the word about my 2 albums is greatly appreciated. My wife and kids need to eat. Thanks a ton for the love so far. You all are great! Until next time.

No Big Love - My little "love" letter

As a Latter-Day Saint, it hurts me to hear of you displaying sacred scenarios as topics of your show. I have been informed of an upcoming episode regarding Temple worship. While nothing that happens in the Temples is secret, the services and ordinances are sacred, and not to be mocked or redeveloped by media. I respectfully encourage you to not air this upcoming episode, or any further episodes of Big Love.

About Me

Cory Maurice Dew is an honest, true MC / producer, hailing from the Phoenix area, but he originated and perfected his craft years ago in Colorado. Growing up with diverse experiences and varied musical taste and preference, Maurice uses his creativity, quick wit, and deep thought process to inspire his listeners.

Back in his Colorado days Maurice began his career by rapping at house parties. From those humble beginnings he avalanched into a truly developed and respected MC which eventually led to his record deal with a small, independent label based in Atlanta, which will remain unnamed. It was around this time that Maurice began gaining recognition and exposure from fellow MCs and local fans.

Maurice then took some time off from the business to serve an LDS mission. After 2 years of silence he returned to record his solo debut album, Scrapbook. Teaming up with Phoenix based Legend Quest Records, Maurice spent the next 2 years producing and recording the album.

During the process of creating this album Maurice formed his own record company, Pioneer Productions, and released Scrapbook under this label. The album is a collection of music (some old, some new) that introduces Maurice to the world as the respected artist that he is. Scrapbook was an instant success and well received by many. Pioneer Productions has since become the home for a handful of talented local LDS musicians to record their projects.

Maurice then spent the next 3 years recording his second album, For the People. This album is extremely personal to Maurice, as he recorded and produced the entire project in his home. Maurice worked with several producers, artists, and musicians to make For the People his best embodiment of work to date.

Maurice has spent many nights performing in various parts of Colorado and Arizona with groups such as Playdough, Black Pegasus, Revanon, Accumen, Novelty and many others. We welcome all to enter into the mind and world of Maurice and his creative realm. Follow Maurice and you will not be disappointed.

Drowsy Confessions

After over a year, I found my log in information. I will be maintaining this site regularly now. More information to come soon. Stay tuned.