Thank Yous for For the People

KT: For reasons beyond my ability to explain. For allowing me to jump off mountains and open my wings. For supporting the continuous discomforts and inconveniences that accompany creativity and all of its atmospheres. For not complaining (too much) when all 4 of us were using 1 bathroom for 18 months while I was recording this album. For trusting in the Lord while we went through times of financial drought. Rather than saying "Get a job" you were saying "Get a show booked" or "Sell CDs". For trusting in me and my one-focused mind often times. For believing in my Patriarchal Blessing and relying on faith and supporting me and trusting in me as a competent companion. I know you heard a lot from people, but you blocked out that poison and exercised faith in my music and creativity. For helping me balance my roles as musician, poet, father, husband, provider, and church server. Instead of complaining about all the late nights and people coming to the house, you would make sandwiches and burritos for us and keep the kids downstairs. You are the perfect wife for me. Thank you for playing that role so perfectly.

Thank you to all who suggested that I change my major. Thanks to those who told me there is no future in music and that rap is such a bad influence on people. Thank you to family who told me there was no money in the music business and that I needed to change professions (even recommending professions other loved ones had chosen), as if deciding on a brand of milk at the store. Thank you to family who did not buy my music (even after responding to emails promoting shows or album releases by writing, “Good luck to you”). I thank everyone who asked to hear my music after hearing that I rap, not because they were intrigued by my unique profession, but because they knew there was no way I could be talented. They wanted to hear my music for a good laugh. I am not sorry I disappointed you in your efforts.

Thank you a million times over for the producers, musicians, and guest artists who contributed your talents to make this project happen. Thank you for helping to make this album exactly what I wanted it to become. Fatcat: It was totally worth the wait, bro! It only took 2 years of phone calls, texts, emails, and voice mails, but we finally made it happen. Melissa: You have such a beautiful voice. You have such a bright future ahead of you. I pray that your dreams and desires will come to fruition soon. Jessica: My friend still won't leave me alone about working with you. Thank you for polishing off that song. I keep listening to those old songs you passed to me. Let's sit down and make your music happen. Your voice and talent is too perfect to not do anything with it. Jarred: My man. Thanks for the preamp, turkey burgers, guitar riffs, website help, babysitting, pool parties...uh...what else? Anything you need, I got you. Arhythmatik: It came out really nice, my man. It blended exactly with the concept. Thanks for contributing. Qwiet: So smooth. Something about your delivery just fit perfectly with the track and feel. Thank you. Wayne: Please keep leaving me messages! I love you, bro! Traci: Thank you for hauling that keyboard around. Sorry the tracks didn't make this project. They'll most definitely be used in the future though. You are very talented. When are you going to sing for me?! Wize: Man, I swear that beat was the Bermuda Triangle project or something. It seamed like everything that could have gone wrong did. I know I didn't do the beat justice with the tracks I had. Let's get down and make music together. I'm still right here. You are an amazing producer with an ear for greatness. I'm honored to have one of your beats on this project.