About Me

Cory Maurice Dew is an honest, true MC / producer, hailing from the Phoenix area, but he originated and perfected his craft years ago in Colorado. Growing up with diverse experiences and varied musical taste and preference, Maurice uses his creativity, quick wit, and deep thought process to inspire his listeners.

Back in his Colorado days Maurice began his career by rapping at house parties. From those humble beginnings he avalanched into a truly developed and respected MC which eventually led to his record deal with a small, independent label based in Atlanta, which will remain unnamed. It was around this time that Maurice began gaining recognition and exposure from fellow MCs and local fans.

Maurice then took some time off from the business to serve an LDS mission. After 2 years of silence he returned to record his solo debut album, Scrapbook. Teaming up with Phoenix based Legend Quest Records, Maurice spent the next 2 years producing and recording the album.

During the process of creating this album Maurice formed his own record company, Pioneer Productions, and released Scrapbook under this label. The album is a collection of music (some old, some new) that introduces Maurice to the world as the respected artist that he is. Scrapbook was an instant success and well received by many. Pioneer Productions has since become the home for a handful of talented local LDS musicians to record their projects.

Maurice then spent the next 3 years recording his second album, For the People. This album is extremely personal to Maurice, as he recorded and produced the entire project in his home. Maurice worked with several producers, artists, and musicians to make For the People his best embodiment of work to date.

Maurice has spent many nights performing in various parts of Colorado and Arizona with groups such as Playdough, Black Pegasus, Revanon, Accumen, Novelty and many others. We welcome all to enter into the mind and world of Maurice and his creative realm. Follow Maurice and you will not be disappointed.